Yoann Vidor

Energy healing


An energetic treatment  : Why  ?

The harmony between our thoughts, our emotions and our feelings is the key to our vitality and our overall well-being.

When a pain or a symptom appears, it is often the consequence of an energy imbalance which crystallizes in our physical body: feeling of discomfort, fatigue, sleep disturbance, muscle pain, nervous tension, joint blockage, self-disease. immune, etc.

Magnetism is an energetic treatment on the subtle layers of the body (etheric, emotional, mental) which restores the balance between these bodies and restores vitality to organic functions.

A magnetism treatment is beneficial to regain the well-being of body and mind , by restoring the free circulation of energies (prana *) through all channels (nadis * and nervous networks).

Prana : The vital energy that animates us (the equivalent of Japanese “Ki” or Chinese “Chi”) relayed in particular by the sun and light.

Nadis : meridians (energy channels) of the human body through which vital energy circulates.

My services

Magnetism is a practice at the service of your energetic well-being

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