Yoann Vidor

Energy healing


An energetic treatment: why?

Harmony between our thoughts _mental body, our emotions _emotional body and our feelings _energy / physical body is the key to our vitality and our overall well-being.

When a pain or that a symptom appears, it is often the consequence of a energy imbalance between our different bodies, which crystallizes in the dense matter of our physical body: pain, tension, blockages, epidermal symptoms, autoimmune diseases, etc.

Magnetism, as an energetic healing on the subtle layers of the body (etheric, emotional, mental, and beyond) can help restore harmony and proper functioning of the body by dissipating crystallized information (blockages, pain) and by promoting the free circulation of energies (prana *) through all the channels of our bodies (nadis * and nervous networks).

Prana : The vital energy that animates us (the equivalent of Japanese “Ki” or Chinese “Chi”) relayed in particular by the sun and light.

Nadis : meridians (energy channels) of the human body through which vital energy circulates

Magnetism is an energy practice in the service of well-being

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