The cairn, path of life - energy rebalancing

A word of welcome!

I launched my Spirit Notes 5 years ago (news posts with spiritual significance) and today, I would like to continue by presenting my new activity to you in energy well-being and magnetism.

“Sow seeds of a happy future!” “

This is what drives me and what I wish to co-create with you, to seed the universal mind with positive and joyful notes!

I started my activity in energy care and magnetism with the idea of bringing my personal touch to the phenomenon of awakening and awakening of consciousness. I suggest that you stay in touch with me to enrich the sharing and transmission of ideas and energy, because if you are reading this, it is because you have certainly already understood that it is time to take the step next: that of the realization of our world! And to build the new civilization of right relations that we all expect, we all need our combined energies to energize and support each other, in our personal and collective efforts.

Regularly, I will post videos (go take a look at my Youtube channel, here ) and articles to provide you with advice on energy hygiene , insights into existential questions linked to events, but also inspiring thoughts , meditations and exercises to hold on in this world phase of great transition. I also offer you my care in consultation (energetic care in magnetism and dowsing), to find a well-being and a body-soul-spirit harmony. I sincerely hope to have the pleasure of exchanging with you, whether through my site ( ), my chain Youtube or my page Facebook ! Thank you for reading me and see you soon 🙂

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