Dialogue with his soul

This book will guide you step by step towards understanding the worlds of energy, the laws of balance and evolution, by tackling complex topics in a simple - but never simplistic way! There you will discover the levels of consciousness and how the soul acts (magic) through creative thoughts. All these notions and many others will give you the keys to the kingdom of the Soul which open to the fields of Love and Harmony ...

The success of life

What is the meaning of life ? It is to succeed in life. This book, like a treatise on benevolence, is a true hymn to the light, which sows in the heart of the reader a new philosophy of Life, based on the right relationships and the good of the whole. You will discover an initiatory study of material and spiritual values, a manifesto for our new civilization. A work that inspires like a meditation! The success of Life depends on the fulfillment of Being.

The Star of the Soul

How do energy, thought, emotion, pain work? How to free oneself from these heaviness? The Soul Star answers these questions in a simple way, thanks to a coherent and effective approach that leads to a better understanding of life and its principles. This allows us to gain control over our existence and to become fully oneself, in a fulfilling and responsible way. To know oneself is to free oneself. The Soul Star is a compendium of practical information.

What is the soul?

Soul Star

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