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Energy healing


An energetic treatment  : Why  ?

The harmony between our thoughts, our emotions and our feelings is the key to our vitality and our overall well-being.

When a pain or a symptom appears, it is often the consequence of an energy imbalance which crystallizes in our physical body: feeling of discomfort, fatigue, sleep disturbance, muscle pain, nervous tension, joint blockage, self-disease. immune, etc.

Magnetism is an energetic treatment on the subtle layers of the body (etheric, emotional, mental) which restores the balance between these bodies and restores vitality to organic functions.

A magnetism treatment is beneficial to regain the well-being of body and mind , by restoring the free circulation of energies (prana *) through all channels (nadis * and nervous networks).

Prana : The vital energy that animates us (the equivalent of Japanese “Ki” or Chinese “Chi”) relayed in particular by the sun and light.

Nadis : meridians (energy channels) of the human body through which vital energy circulates.

My services

Magnetism is a practice at the service of your energetic well-being

I launched my Spirit Notes 5 years ago (news posts with spiritual significance) and today, I would like to continue by presenting

Magnetism and energetic well-being combine wonderfully! I explain how in 5min. It’s not new, it’s even… very old! Magnetism (borrowed from low

Le magnétiseur sait repérer et réparer (dans la mesure du possible) les situations de déséquilibre énergétique et de faiblesse, Un soin en magnétisme pour retrouver un bien-être du corps et de l’esprit

J’avais lancé il y a 5 ans mes notes d’esprit (des billets d’actualité à portée spirituelle) et aujourd’hui, j’aimerais poursuivre en vous

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