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Magnetism in practice!

Magnetism and energetic well-being combine wonderfully! I explain how in 5min.

It’s not new, it’s even… very old! Magnetism (borrowed from low latin magneticus “Magnet”) designates the magnetic fluid which unites the magnetizer to the magnetized; it is therefore the practice of exchanging energy, like a magnetic force, from one person to another. In other words, when we speak of magnetism, we speak of transfer of energy via a fluid, which we can call the prana (or vital energy) and generally, this is done within the therapeutic framework of a treatment, for the energy well-being of a person who feels emptiness (feeling “emptied”), pain, or a person with an illness.

Thus, “magnetism” is often juxtaposed with the adjective “curative” thus signifying the therapeutic value of this technique which aims to revitalize the energy body of a person (or one of a living organism: mineral, plant, animal, human , and even beyond if we adopt a holistic view of living things, the Earth being a living organism on a planetary scale).

But then, if everyone has energy, everyone is a magnetizer?


Yes and no !

If the vital energy that inhabits us from our birth (our vital capital, which the Orientals call the chi where the ki ) makes us real “electro-magnetic batteries”, that is to say power stations in permanent communication with our environment and the people around us (places of life, urban or natural environment, food, objects , clothes, family, loved ones …), we are not equal in terms of resources and management of this energy . It is as if we were all endowed with a starting capital (our energy reservoir) and that we had to manage it as a heritage, making it grow to keep us in good health and longevity. Except that…

Except that most of us have forgotten how to manage this energy, how to maintain it and how to avoid wasting it. or lose it (unconscious power struggles, food, our way of life, our intimate and sexual relations …). This is the reason why, when we have used up part of our stock of vital energy, we feel fatigue, stress, exhaustion, which can lead to depression, or even illness if this loss sets in for a long time.

What does the magnetizer do? How do I work?


The magnetizer is someone who is aware of the phenomenon of energy exchange between the environment and the individual. It is both a receiving antenna for vital energies and a transmitter-relay of this same energy – which makes it a “channel” for magnetic fluid (see my last video which explains a magnetism treatment to you: here )

Thus linked to the Source and connected to the Earth (this can be learned), it functions as a bridge between the visible and invisible world and allows energy to flow through it to redistribute it to the people it magnetizes. , and that without ever devitalizing itself. But beware of illusions: the gift of magnetism is not enough! It is still necessary to develop it, cultivate it and above all, never lose sight of the fact that the magnetizer is only a receiving and transmitting antenna! It is not he who heals or heals, but the Life that flows through him 😉

Yoann Vidor

Indeed, this vital energy, invisible and yet essential to life, is the true source that preserves and maintains our vitality – more than food yet. This is to say if energy is important! Wasting your capital to nothing, or frequenting places and highly “energy-consuming” people who vampirize our vital energy (large shopping centers, enclosed spaces with air conditioning, artificial light, hyper-transformed food, manipulative people, invisible entities and egregores, etc.), all this puts us in a situation of energy imbalance and weakness, which the magnetizer knows how to spot and repair (as far as possible).

By positioning itself as an intermediary, it protects itself from energy capture mechanisms and pollution and leaves room for the “Universe” (God, Life, energy) to act. It is therefore above all his field of consciousness that allows a certain quality of energy to pass and regenerate the subtle bodies.

Energy follows thought


Thus, since energy follows thought, we better understand the role of the magnetizer as a channel (in the sense of “flow conduit” of energy) that revitalizes the magnetized person.

And since everything is a function of the intention that we put into it, each magnetizer will have a different approach, different protocols depending on his state of consciousness. Therefore, the results will be different depending on the intention that the practitioner sets during the session. Is this a deep intention of love? Altruism? Healing? Comfort? Encouragement? Of liberation? Of cleaning ? So many possible approaches that it is up to the practitioner to adopt in his soul and conscience, according to his intuition and his knowledge.

Thus, the magnetizer is also “medium” in the sense of support and intermediary ; he knows how to tune by vibratory harmony to the deep need of the person, and thus to enter in resonance with the point (or the) blocking point. Certainly, the energy is neutral, but the soul acts (magic) thanks to it in an amazing way when offered a channel and an intention.

It is therefore the role of the magnetizer to be “loving” (literally and figuratively) and to offer this channel to meet the demands of well-being, well-being and psycho-emotional liberation! Take care of yourself, body and soul! Soul kiss (note:

I specify that this is my vision of care and magnetism, and not an absolute truth! There are as many methods, approaches and practices as there are magnetizers and each one will be able to provide his definition according to his field of study (medical or other), his experiences and results. ).

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