magnetism practitioner

Yoann Vidor Energy Engineer Magnetizer Verdon

I discovered in the early 2000s the existence of synchronicities and phenomena related to consciousness.

My conception of life changed when I realized that everything was energy, consciousness and information and that it was the balance between these fields that preserved harmony, vitality, health.

In 2010, a first training in pranic care ( pranic healing ) in Australia, showed me the virtues of healing magnetism and the ways of communication with the soul. From there, magnetism and all the “energetic” approaches to care have become evident.

Today, installed in the heart of Verdon (“towards the donation”), I bring my skills to relieve your pain and help you find the path of harmony “Body-soul-spirit”.

Also author and musician, my vision of care is as follows: sow seeds of a happy future!

Magnetism is an energetic treatment at the service of well-being


The Success of Life

A test that sows the seeds of a happy future!

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