magnetism care

Each session is different and unique

During a magnetism treatment, I perform a complete energy balance about you.

I pay particular attention to your problem (symptoms, pain, discomfort…) by practicing magnetism targeted to your needs and global magnetism (passes, impositions, sweeps).

In particular, I use dowsing * as analysis tools (measurements on planks with pendulum) as well as curative magnetism to release etheric blockages (energy pollution of all kinds).

Dowsing : technique and ability to perceive and measure the radiations (vibratory waves) of a body.

Hands that heal

Home session

I come to your place, home , with my massage table, in the area of Aups (83).

Depending on the case and the distance, I can extend my zone to Alpes de Haute Provence (04) and more broadly to the Haut-Var / Verdon.

Price: 70 €

Remote session

Energy follows thought. Treatment can therefore take place remotely.

In this case, a preliminary interview is necessary (by telephone), as well as a Photo recent from you.
I work from your photo-witness using dowsing boards and protocols of healing magnetism .

Once the treatment has been carried out, I will communicate the report.

Price: 50 €

Remote energy care

meeting in presence

Ying yang care
by corinne and yoann

We co-create the conditions for Home and listening to your Being (your Source) who will then be able to deliver its message, transmit an understanding, promote the release of programs, karmic or transgenerational memories and provide guidance to reveal your potential.

This alchemical treatment aims to bring you to an intimate connection with your Higher Self, in a privileged space of listening, reception of energies and “heal-sound”.

Each of us brings in synergy his know-how in the energy and mediumistic field (magnetism, soul reading, channeling, songs) to create a unique “vibra-care” with your Being.

  • We use dowsing (pendulum), lithotherapy (treatment with crystals), singing and vibratory instruments (crystal lyre in 432hz, bowls, bells).

  • To fully benefit from the benefits and virtues of this treatment, it is preferable to have consulted Corinne beforehand for a treatment of the soul and carried out an energetic cleansing session with Yoann.

Please note: this is a therapeutic energy well-being treatment, not a medical procedure.

We also specify that this is not a comfort massage or bodily manipulations.

Price: 100 €


The answers to your questions.

Its role is to rebalance the energy body which ensures the proper functioning and vitality of the physical body (health). He takes care to restore a harmonious vibratory rate, by a set of soft and natural techniques: laying on of hands, energy passes, visualizations, harmonization of the chakras, etc.

A magnetizer is not a doctor !

La finalité d’une séance de magnétisme est de rétablir les fonctions naturelles du corps, par exemple en magnétisant un organe déficient, en dynamisant le système immunitaire; en aidant à retrouver un sommeil réparateur, ou en redonnant de la vitalité au quotidien. We can also intervene directly on skin symptoms to help repair the epidermis (warts, psoriasis, burns, etc.)

Depending on the person’s physical and mental state, the benefits can range from relief to a feeling of calm, to overall well-being.

The magnetizer is not a miracle worker!

The magnetizer can intervene on a dysfunction specific (of an organ, muscle, nervous system or bone trunk), or for skin diseases (bacterial or viral infections), or to treat a unhappiness general : anxiety, stress, depressive state, anxieties, etc.

In principle, the magnetizer only uses his hands to transmit energy (through the chakras of the palms of the hands). Nevertheless, he can use measuring tools such as the pendulum (dowsing and radionic plates), crystals (lithotherapy) or vibratory instruments (lyre, bowls, sounds).

Each session is different and unique

The anamnesis allows the client to express his request, his need and the symptoms related to his problem. The complete energy balance allows the magnetizer to identify energy blockages, deficient organs, tensions and finally to switch to magnetism (passes, sweeps, impositions with intentions). The session always ends with a debriefing.

From the humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers

In the humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers the term “client” first appeared for a very clear reason: thus, it could emphasize the relationship of equals with the therapist (unlike the psychoanalyst). Carl Rogers wanted to prove in this way the absolute confidence in the human being and in his positive transformation, in his capacity to find forces, to destroy defense mechanisms and to give shape to this vital impulse by means of which to realize oneself. .

In energy care too, attention is focused on the figure of the ” client “, which is preferred to the figure of the ” patient “, seen as being passive; for the magnetizer, the person in front of him is quite capable of determining his own trajectory as well as initiating his own personal development.

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